December 20, 2008

The Deep Freeze

Sweet Jesus it is cold. It's been hovering between -20 and -40 degrees celsius for the past week. Which I guess is normal for December 20th in the Canadian Rockies. But still, that is no excuse! In some ways, I suppose the cold is good. Not only might it obliterate the pine beetle, but it also forces me to take care of some of life's more mundane tasks. Take laundry for instance... haven't done it in years. But now that I'm terrified of leaving the house, I might start thinking about it. I would even consider cleaning the dishes if the water pipes hadn't froze solid a few days ago. Of course, without running water, I can't really shower, but I honestly look forward to doing so when everything thaws out in the spring. But don't let me over-glorify the situation. Life has not been a complete bed of roses since the deep freeze began. Sub zero temps don't exactly do wondrous things for the male reproductive organ and it is still unclear what long-term health effects the shot of anti-freeze I've been adding to the morning coffee will have.

But speaking honestly for a moment, there is something worse than all the physical repercussions of the deep freeze. That, of course, is the mental burden oft associated with having the time to sit and reflect on life. For some, this might not be such a bad thing. Perhaps it is even enjoyable. But for me, as I sit cocooned in my house, glued to Facebook for twenty-six hours a day, and watch the world outside sink deeper in to the next ice-age, I cannot help but think back to where I was last year at this time.

Just over 1 year ago on Ama Dablam, Nepal

On the walk to Namche Bazaar, Nepal

Tawoche from Ama Dablam Base Camp

Looking back at Camp 2


Meaghan Loughlin enjoys a beet at the Tengboche Bakery

Enter Thailand

Great maps

Water Taxis

Sand Corn


In six weeks, I never saw Paul untie his own rope

We even did some climbing


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