December 24, 2008

Haffner and Welsted

For the crag or the club, Ian Welsted comes ready

"You wanna hear a joke?" Ian asked me as I was tying in today.
"Sure, " I replied
"You wanna know why my last name is Welsted?"
"Cause it's not polite to tell people you're well hung."

Went to Haffner today with good friend Ian Welsted and damn was it a lot colder than sunny Canmore! Go figure. It was Ian's first day of mixed cragging since getting back from a two month surf safari in Australia and the man was going for it! I guess he did climb a route on Yam yesterday (Dec 23rd!), but that's not exactly cragging at this time of year. As for today, he was lobbing off stuff like I would have been had I ventured off the top rope. But he wasn't saying "take" and he wasn't using luggage handle tools or mono points or fruit boots. "Ahh, come on, it's the only way to get strong again," he'd say as he scratched his way up, pumped out of his mind, with old Vipers and and dual-point crampons stuck to plastic boots.

At a place like Haffner, the goal of the leader should be to send but also to put on a good show for the shivering masses below. Indeed, all of us at the crag got our money's worth today.

Pat D. "You want a piece of this?"

Mr. Welsted

The walk out

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