January 11, 2009

Fine Day At The Crag

My eye!

After skipping out on a massive Saturday evening in Banff, Tommy Gruber and I decided to make up for our failings by climbing at Haffner today. Which of course makes no sense. If I am not mistaken, I believe that Haffner was invented to serve the needs of Bow Valley partyers who struggle to crack an eyelid before noon. And so our presence there today - after nary a cocktail last night - was borderline sacrilege. But judging from the hordes of enthusiastic grimpers at the crag today, I have a feeling that we weren't the only tea-totalers in the house.

Josh Lavigne

Josh goes inverted.

Tommy G works off the past month of creme brulee.

Climb the route then slide down the tree.

Just because there are bolts, doesn't mean you can't get a boo-boo.

It's just like the Gallery at Red Rocks only with snow, puffy jackets and crampons.

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