January 03, 2009

A Rogers Pass New Year

Finally back in Canmore after a few days of binge and purge at Rogers Pass. I was hoping to spend a few more days out there, but couldn't manage it after breaking all my resolutions within the first few hours of the New Year.

Drove out to the Glacier Park Lodge early in the evening on December 31st. By the time we got there, the place was well on it's way to outdoing Animal House. We checked in and checked out. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn I was back in college. Most of the rooms were open and each door presented a new adventure. Of course, the crew from Golden was leading the party platoon just as they'd led the ski mission earlier in the day. In a word - impressive.

The next morning, in a desperate attempt to correct the errors of the night before, a bunch of us slapped on the skins and ventured outside. As the hours crept by, the Ghost of New Year's Eve cut us down until almost no one was left. Oh well, it wasn't the biggest day ever, but at least it was something! We retreated to Golden and prepared for the next day.

Tony and Chris start the day off right

Tony Richardson's camo keeps him well hidden

Ross, Tony and Pierre on top of Teddy Bear Trees

Jonny Simms watches Chris Brazeau drop-in

Ross Berg

Chris Brazeau skiing Puff Daddy

Ross Berg skiing Puff Daddy

Ross Berg looks into 2009 and likes what he sees

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