January 23, 2009

Youngs Peak and the Dome Glacier

Jeff near the summit of Youngs Peak.

After turning around below the Uto - Sir Donal Col on Wednesday, Ali and I joined up with Jeff Bellis and Josh Briggs on Thursday. In an out-of-character display of restraint, we passed up an evening on the Golden scene with our host Chris Brazeau in order to be better rested for the day. After tossing around a few ideas, we decided to cover some distance and do the Youngs Peak Traverse followed by a lap on the Dome Glacier. All in all, it was a fine outing and an excellent cap to our three days of training at Rogers Pass. On Sunday, January 25th, I'll head back up to The Pass for seven days of ski touring with the ACMG inspectors. Looking forward to the abuse!

Big Surface Hoar!

Ali, Josh and Jeff get ready for the first turns of the day off Youngs.

Josh takes an aesthetic line for the camera.

A fine day in the alpine.

Bootpacking near the summit of Youngs.

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