February 05, 2009

Ski Course Photos

It's been almost a week since the end of the ACMG Ski Tour Training so I won't go in to too much detail. In short, the highlight of the course for me was rooming with the caustic Dave Edgar. For those who know him, this will come as no surprise.

Otherwise, a sincere thank you to the Banff Employment Office and the Arc'teryx Scholarship Program for lessening the financial strain of these courses.


James M skiing below the Bonney Glacier.

Puttering around on the way to Asulkan Pass.


Inside the Asulkan Cabin.

Smart people know that the best way to build a snow cave is to have other people do it.

Everyone needs more practice at sitting under a tarp in the snow.

Let me show you where we really are.

The skin up.

The view from the Asulkan Cabin window.

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