February 03, 2009

Yen for Ski

This shot just appeared in the current issue of Ski Canada. Although the photographer caption would lead you to believe otherwise, the image was actually taken by the prolific Ryan Creary. One nano second after the photo was snapped, I lost all composure, rotated hard left, augered in and bit my tongue.

Well the week of ski touring at Rogers Pass with the ACMG Inspectors passed without much ado and I have been celebrating ever since. It's not that anything monumental happened, but this was the last course I will have to take in the eternal stream of ACMG courses. From this point on, it's all exams to the finish line. I will post some photos from the course in the coming days.

Otherwise, just watched the latest Woody Allen Movie, Vicky Christina Barcelona, and laughed my ass off.

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