March 27, 2009

T is for Training

Figure 1.1 The Chiefsicle

Just got back from a 2 day training mission with The Chief. I learned a lot, which is good, but I can't claim to have made a single quality turn in the 10,000 feet we climbed and descended. Once this ski exam is done, I'm going to have to scare myself on a big face just to remind myself that I am still a skier. Of course, that will have to wait for the alcohol poisoning - scheduled for immediately after the exam -to work itself out of the system.

We ended up doing a circumnavigation of Mt. Gordon on the Wapta Icefield, and like most trips to the Wapta, the wind howled. The Chiefs moustache took the brunt of the storm as noted in Figure 1.1 above.

The original plan was to spend a second night camped out on the ice, but after the circumnavigation was done, the Chief dropped the, "Hey Wexler, why don't you try guiding me back to the Bow Valley?" bomb. I obliged, and a few hours later I was choking on a Barpa Burger.

The Chief and The Map.

Camp at 9000 feet below Gordon Pass.

Interview with The Chief.

Getting absolutely throttled.

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