March 10, 2009

Another Round With The Military

The top-secret training ground.

Man am I glad that's over. It's not that the work was bad, but spending four nights, with a cold and fever, in -25 degree weather is rough! Damn near crippling infact. When we finally skied out from our top-secret hiding spot near Castle Mountain Resort yesterday, I nearly cried. The only thing keeping me from the full break down was an acute sense of what the Military Boys would do to me were they forced to witness such an unimpressive display.

Laid out in the tent. Nik Rapaich Photo

Nik's Biosphere. Nik Rapaich Photo.

Inside the troops tent. Nik Rapaich Photo.

Is it a hat or is it a snow-ball?

Bad troops were sent to the snow pit.

Really bad troops were sent to the freezing chamber.

If you ever see this flag... Run!

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