April 22, 2009

Black Diamond Photo

I took this photo on the morning of our second to last day in Alaska's Tordrillo Mountains. Man, it brings back memories. No food. No energy. Terrified of grizzlies and of the impending bushwack. We'd spent a foggy night camped below Old Man Pass and woke up to a 3000 foot descent followed by a 3000 foot climb up scree and shale. I'm going to miss Alaska this year...

Camp below Old Man Pass. Joe Stock Photo.

Grizzly tracks near camp.

The white path that extends from the top of the snowpatch to the cameraman's feet was made by a Grizzly sliding on its ass. Joe Stock Photo.

Atop the final climb of the traverse. Old Man Pass would be in the top left corner of the photo. Dylan Taylor photo.

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