April 27, 2009

Rock Climbing Season

Viva Las Vegas. An old photo that I took last year around this time at Red Rocks.

Just got back from a short and sweet two-day sport climbing trip to Skaha. What a relief from the last seven months of winter. While it was dumping snow snow in Canmore, I was burning my dome at The Doctor's Wall, Morning Glory and Great White. I guess each season comes replete with it's own hazards.

It was interesting getting back on the rock after a few months on plastic. Although the arms had some extra juice, the footwork was not exactly that of a European on the World Cup. The fact that I was terrified of falling with a bolt at my waist didn't help matters. But hey, isn't that the beauty of sport climbing? You can suck and not get hurt.

A toast to rock climbing season.

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