April 13, 2009

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides Ski Exam Photos

Downclimbing from St. Nik on the Wapta.

Too tired to write much tonight, but here are some photos from the ACMG Assistant Ski Exam. I hope you enjoy perusing them half as much as I did experiencing them...

A lovely evening in the snowcave. Of course, this is a lie. Anyone who's spent time in snowcaves knows that there is no such thing as a lovely evening in a snowcave.

Trying to get up Mt. Justice on the Albert Icefields. This day went south shortly after this photo was taken.

Mt. Justice goes south.

Pictures can be so deceptive. For instance, this photo gives the impression of an enjoyable day in the mountains.

The Starfish.

Fifty percent of every day was spent recording stuff in a yellow notebook and then stuffing it in the side pocket of form-fitting schoeller pants.

Notice the vacant stare.

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