April 28, 2009

Tequila Time

Nine times out of ten, being wrong is not a good thing. Whether you went for the wrong tick mark on the onsight burn, put your money on the wrong horse, fell in love with the wrong person, or chose the wrong costume at Halloween, being wrong can have far reaching, humiliating and sometimes crippling consequences. As someone who is wrong about most things in life, I should know. However, there are those rare moments when being wrong turns out not so bad.

It's been two weeks to the day since the ACMG Ski Exam ended. For those familiar with the intricate workings of the ACMG, this two-week marker is a Candidate's personal D-Day. At some point on this day, an e-bomb is likely to appear in the Candidate's inbox. This e-bomb will contain a great deal of writing that the Candidate will ignore in their frantic rush to find the only two words that matter. These words, of course, are Pass or Fail. Despite the fact that I spent much of the winter preparing for the exam, when it was all wrapped up, I was 100% confident that I'd blown it. So when the email appeared in my inbox at 1400 hours, I was tempted to label it Spam and call it quits. But being a glutton for pain, I went ahead and opened it. To my utter shock and amazement, the email said something about passing.

The Chief performs an advanced snow stability test during one of many top secret training missions this past winter.

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