June 26, 2009

Adventures At The Lake

Chris Brazeau finishing the day on Heathens (12c) at Lake Louise.

Met up with Chris and Cody for a good session at Lake Louise the other day. As usual, the Golden Boys climbed significantly harder than their Bow Valley counterparts. Of note is Brazeau's uncanny ability to send despite being totally laid out for most of the winter with a blown ACL. When pressed to reveal the secret behind his sending prowess, he swears that baking bread (intense kneading) and a steady diet of Bill Maher videos are key.

Chris and Cody at the Air Voyage Wall.

Brazeau on Jason Lives (12d / 13a)

A headless climber on Jason Lives (12d / 13a). A few years ago, climbers in Japan started cutting off their heads in order to reduce weight on hard sport routes. Although reluctant at first, Canadian climbers have finally started to embrace the practice.

Being true Canadians, we decided to go ice climbing on the other side of the valley after pumping a few laps on the super fun Incomplete (12c)

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