July 30, 2009

Climbing The Mount Rundle Traverse

Spirit Totem.

The problem with people who work full-time is that they don't make for good weekday climbing partners. So since everyone in Canmore seems to be working these days (aren't we in a recession, shouldn't you people be unemployed and collecting EI?), I decided to go on a solo quest.

The Quest took me up the road to Mount Rundle - the ridgeline that runs from Canmore to Banff. According to the GPS, The Traverse (from the EEOR Trailhead to Aardvarks Pizza in Banff) covers about 15 miles, 10,000 feet (the GPS might have overestimated this??) and took 14 hours. Like all good Quests, the crux comes right at the end and involves mid 5th class climbing on less than perfect rock

Looking west from the the top of EEOR.

A sure sign that you are on a Vision Quest... The Sun Halo.

If the Mountain Goat is your Spirit Totem, it means you are a miserable recluse who likes high, cold, rocky places.

Halfway up the main peak of Mount Rundle, I crawled into an exposed nook and came across this. Unbelievable. Probably about $200 worth of booty. Despite being on a Vision Quest, this was not a spiritual illusion.

Rappelling on 6mm chord is both terrifying and complex. It is a great way to enhance visions on your next Spiritual Quest.

The Mount Rundle Skyline from Canmore.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just wondering did you leave any gear? How long was the rappel down? Great pictures.