July 09, 2009



Well it's been a busy few days travelling from Canada to Huaraz, Peru, but I can finally say that I'm over the jet-lag and firmly rooted in one of the best coffee shops south of the Equator. Praise Jah. After a couple of acclimitization hikes around town, the group is doing well and getting stoked for Alpamayo. To check out The Team's progress, go to the Adventure Consultants website at: www.adventureconsultants.com/adventure/Alpamayo2009Dispatches/ For the abbreviated version, see below.

July 6:

  • 4am: leave Canmore
  • 7am: fly to Toronto
  • 2 pm: fly to Lima
  • 9 pm: arrive in Lima
  • 10:30 pm: check in to hotel in Lima
  • 11pm: wander around town, take a wrong turn, fear for life, repel an attempt at extortion.

July 7:

  • 7am: board the mini van in Lima (elevation: sea level)
  • 12:30 pm: witness a massive semi-truck fly off the road (no injuries gracias a dios).
  • 2 pm: arrive in Huaraz (10,500 feet) after crossing a 13,000 foot pass along the highway.
  • 3 pm: inhale coffee at the Andino Cafe

After two years away, it's good to be back. And after spending the last 368 days firmly rooted in Canadian Order, a shot of the South American madness is just what I needed.

Travelling buddies. They may be heavy, but atleast they don't talk back.


Ahhhhh, 3rd best cafe south of the equator.

Hiking with the All-Stars beneath Huantsan.

No hike, no mountain, is complete without The Cross.

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