July 14, 2009

Working Hard in Peru

Ranrapalca gets enough sun during the day that it actually glows like this all night. There are only three peaks in the world that do this. Peruvian Scientists are not working very hard to figure this phenomenon out.

Just got back to Huaraz after a three day acclimatization climb of Vallunaraju. Not much to report except that I miss the long Canadian summer days. I'm not sure which is worse: waking up at 2 am to climb a mountain or crawling into the sleeping bag at 6pm?

Heading to the Santa Cruz Valley and Alpamayo tomorrow morning. I expect to get enough sleep in the next week so that I can stay awake for the entire month of August. On the other hand, if you are having trouble sleeping, maybe the SAT Phone dispatches will help: www.adventureconsultants.com/adventure/Alpamayo2009Dispatches/

I thought July was for climbing rocks?

A self-timed summit shot gone terribly wrong...

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