October 08, 2009

Road Trippin

John Freebird and Sara Huenabomber talkin bout stuff at Skaha.

Just finished the last day of work for the season and am stoked to be hitting the road! Although the Bow Valley looks pretty good under a blanket of snow, I still think it's a little early for Winter. So came to Skaha for a few days of climbing before heading down to the desert souhwest on Oct 15th. Spent the last few days locking off with an assortment of characters - Bernie Mac, The Maestro, The Huenabomber + Jonny Freebird - and somehow managed to bloc my way up a few outstanding projects from the spring. Tikked the classic Wings of Steel (12d) after a mad-doggin session and rallied the bouldery Flying Clipper (12c) after that. It counts if you pull on the draws, right?

Off to Vegas on the 15th where I'll meet up with the legendary Danny Uhlman for a month of tugging. Let me rephrase that, a month of climbing. Gonna start at Red Rocks then lurk between J-Tree, Zion and CO. The last time I rallied J-Tree was 2003. I failed miserably on the classic crack Equinox (12c) back then and plan on more of the same this time round.

The Maestro in a cloud of puff on Fade Away at the Wave - an honest 12a at Skaha.

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