January 24, 2010

Aconcagua Photos

Over the next few days, I'm going to post a backlog of photos from the Aconcagua Trip. Not exactly high-alpinism, but definitely a good adventure in one of my favorite places on earth. Of the five trips I've made to The Peak, this expedition was by far the most challenging. Not only was summit day a windy, white-out hell, but it seemed like every day presented some sort of challenge or logistical riddle - a code if you will - that I (The Guide) was forced to solve. If I failed to solve this daily logistical riddle, the expedition faced nothing short of full, complete and utter dissolution. These riddles came in many shapes and sizes and ranged in severity from kidney stones and emergency evacs, to no-show porters, no-show bags, a base camp Dr. who failed 14 times to administer an IV Drip, a $125 apple, a $125 orange and a myriad of other complexities.

Despite the challenges, it was a great and successful expedition and I hope you enjoy the photos (especially since I'm uploading them from 34,000 feet on the final leg home from Dallas to Calgary).

I got really into maps and electronic signs on this trip.

I had a long lay-over in Buenos Aires on the way down and spent some time cruising through an old cemetery. It was surprisingly uplifting. These homes are actually all tombs. The corpses are livin in style!

Another tomb.

This is Carolina, my tour-guide for the day through BA.

Starting the trek from Lenas to Plaza Argentina. The approach to Base Camp typically takes three days.

Crossing the narrow bridge - a metaphor.

Day 2 of the long, dry approach.

Camp on Day 2 at Casa de Piedras.

Arrieros preparing a classic Asado. So good.

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Andrea DeVoe said...

Nice work on the pics!!! And so, I didn't throw your card away - HA! Thanks for being a great guide!