January 28, 2010

Aconcagua Summit Day

The 2 Daves battle their way against heavy winds on summit day.

Well I gotta say that it's a lot more pleasant to look at these photos while sitting on a couch, drinking Argentine wine and listening to Elliott Brood than it was to actually do the thing. But I guess that's often the case eh? Of course, the trick lies in figuring out a way to revel in the hellish moment as much as in the ensuing hedonism. Either way, I hope you enjoy the last set of photos from Aconcagua 2010.

Snow at Camp 1. About 8 years ago, my tent got fully buried in this same place.

Dave K wonders what happened to that Argentine Sunshine.

Moving from Camp 1 to Camp 2.

Camp 2 at 19,350 ft.

After a rest day at C2, we headed for the top. Dave K and Dave C take the final steps to the summit. The South Face drops off in the background to the left.

The 2 Daves

We were fortunate to share the summit with better looking lifelings than ourselves.


The weather deteriorated on the descent. When we finally got close to C2, I got on the radio and asked the other guide to come out of the tent and start shouting. Otherwise, I think we would have wandered around in the white soup for quite some time.

Remains of the last night's asado.

Arrieros have been using these things to make Mate for 12,000 years.

The hike out.


Mendoza's best restaurant Francis Mallmann 1884

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