January 13, 2010

Aconcagua Update

Greetings from Aconcagua Base Camp at 13, 800 feet! The Team is doing great and we are now established at Camp 1 (16,400 feet) on the upper mountain. Last night was our first evening at C1 and I just pumped a lap back to Base in order to drop off some extra weight. Tomorrow will be a team carry day to Camp 2 at 19,350 feet followed by another rest day at Campo Uno.

The forecast for the next few days looks excellent and we are hoping that the sunny skies and low winds persist for our summit attempt on January 18th.

Hope all is well back home and please send good vibes our way on the 18th!

Nos Vemos,


Anonymous said...

All the best to you and the team! Hoping for good weather for you to the summit and back.

Unknown said...

Suerte para el 18!

Will Stanhope said...

Send Wexx!
Don't be afraid to enjoy Mendoza, and all its sweet, sweet offerings.