January 30, 2010

Skiing the French-Haig-Robertson Traverse

RC Cola crossing over from the Haig Neve to the Robertson Glacier.

Pumped a quick lap with Ryan Creary on this K-Country Classic a few days back. Although it would have been easy to revel in the post-expedition sloth for a little longer, I forced myself off the couch in a desperate attempt to get back on the horse. In the end, I never did surmount any horses but I did manage to break one of my ski boots. Man, when it rains it pours. Does anyone know the name for the universal law which states that when one piece of gear breaks, there will be atleast five other expensive things that crap out at the same time? In hindsight, the boot wasn't a big deal. Infact, it was really just a primer - an appetizer, an amuse bouche if you will - for the news I received 2 days later about my car needing over $5 grand in work.

Other than the the exploding boot, Ryan and I had a good time posing for each other's lenses. (If there are any photo editors out there, this would be a really good time to buy lots of shots from me).


Evan Stevens said...

Not the toyota...what could go so wrong on such a dependable vehicle?

Joe Stock said...

That's a cute cat. It just wanted some Wex love.

Jeremy Allyn said...

Was that the same cat the attacked you when talked last on the phone? That was pretty funny by the way.