February 04, 2010

Sunshine Backcountry

A few days back, while sitting alone in the house, a cat appeared silently on the couch next to me. This seemed strange since I do not own a cat and I did not remember letting one in to the house. After the initial surprise wore off, I decided it would be wise to capture the rodent and bring it outside. A mad 40 minute chase ensued in which I was eventually victorious and managed to convince the predator to leave the grounds.

Otherwise, just got back from an evening with the British Military in the Sunshine Backcountry.

Although this picture may give the sense of an enjoyable morning in the mountains, I am quite sure the troops were not overwhelmed by the overpowering beauty of nature.

The overpowering beauty of nature.

Spying on Erica through the trees.

My co-workers Tamara and Erica getting pumped for their Loaded and Baked Idahoan Potatoes.

The potatoes were so good that we stayed up eating them well in to the night.

Hanging out in the shadow of the Monarch. An inspiring backdrop. The cleaver splitting the face is a beautiful looking line.

The End.

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