March 28, 2010

Second Coming of Winter

So much for the end of Winter. One day after climbing shirts off at Bataan, I started a 24 day stint of ice and ski work. So far, this work has been characterized by a lot of buried surface hoar, the occasional face-shot, a brutal head cold, disconcertingly warm temps at Haffner, a great group of students on a Yamuska 6 day Ski Mountaineering Course, and my building desire to put the sticks away and head south. It's been a long Winter with a ton of good work and learning, but I reckon a little warm sun and rock stone would do a brother pretty good right now.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these photos from the Wapta.

Whiteoutish navigation on the Wapta.

Almost looks like Baffin except that the walls are about 4000 feet shorter.

Cruising around on the Crowfoot Glacier.

Lesson #1 in ski mountaineering: The sun will always come out after the decision has been made to turn around.

It might be flat but at least it's often whited-out.

Half the group poses after the last climb of the trip up Little Crowfoot.

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