April 22, 2010

Spring Sessions

Climbers on Yamnuska.

Had a ridiculous few days of climbing over the past week with ludicrous Spring time weather. It seemed that every time I logged on to the weather fx, I was confronted with this:

7 straight days of Huevo Fritos.

After sessioning at Grassi, Bataan and Yamnuska, Matty M and I rallied up to the Back of the Lake yesterday. Headed straight to the Air Voyage wall and pumped a few laps on Mr. Rogers, Manhattan and Scared Peaches. Bone dry rock, perfect temps and zero crowds made for a pretty special day. If my partner had been anyone other than Matty M, I'm sure they would've slapped me for repeating, "I can't believe we're climbing Peaches on April 21st!" over and over and over.

Matty M floating Mr Rogers at the Back of the Lake, Lake Louise. April 21st.

Scared Peaches. Ben Moon Photo

Ms. Roles heading down to the Meathooks Cave at Grassi.

Grassi Lakes.

Someone just left these sitting here.

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