May 31, 2010

Skiing Skyladder, Mt. Andromeda

An aerial view of Mt. Andromeda shot by Jon Waslsh. Skyladder is the rightmost line. Jon Walsh photo.
Had a great day on Skyladder yesterday with big man Eammon Walsh. If your first reaction is -hey waitta minute, I thought Eammon didn't stoop to climbing piddly alpine objectives with the intention of sliding down them , - you would not be alone. But Spring can do strange things to a man's mind and after day tripping Mt Columbia last week, it seems that Rockies Skiing just might have a new Sherriff.

After a rainy and auspicious start to the day, the skies cleared around Saskatchewan River Crossing. While the Bow Valley was festering in snow and rain, we were tanning ourselves on the Icefields Parkway.

Eammon approaching the route.

The MOG does not fear holes in the snow.

Climbing the lower half of the route.

Hey Eammon, could you strike a pose?

A rare shot of me breaking trail. Eammon Walsh Photo.

The serious summit pose.

Heading down.

Still heading down.

Eammon looking back at his handiwork.

The Brewster Monster Truck Show.

Eammon was so hungry that he tried to eat one of the Monster Trucks.

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