June 05, 2010

Grizzly Season!

Mt Athabasca with a pretty meaty size 2.5. The slide smoked a significant section of the regular climbing route.

Just got back from a few days with the British Military on the Icefields Parkway. Climbing aside, we saw 8 bears on the drive home. After the first 4 Black Bear sitings, we were getting pretty fed up with the Bear Jams created by the gawking tourists. But the 5th encounter turned out quite different when a Sow Griz and two Cubs stepped out of the trees. This was the coolest animal siting I have seen in the wild. Which begs the question, is the Icefields Parkway wild? To be honest, it seems more like a zoo or safari these days. I'm beginning to think that Parks is staging these sitings just to boost tourism. You know, the same way they dye the glacier lakes that blue-green colour. As if to prove my case, five minutes after saying goodbye to Mama Bear and her Cubs, we rounded a corner and spotted another Griz. From this point on I am carrying bear spray to the grocery store.

Nik R loving life in the cook shelter.

A tribute to the furry creatures. Click twice on the video to watch the larger version.

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