June 29, 2010

The Welsteds

Lisa, Brooke, Kruk, Pablo, Simms and the Groom

My good friend Ian Welsted got married this past weekend. After almost forty years of bachelorhood, he met a fine woman about 2 feet taller than himself and with a significantly higher IQ, and decided to lock it down. Props to Kristina.

I first met Ian on a road trip to Yosemite in 2000. What stands out about that trip was not so much the scary pitches he would lead, but rather, the dire conditions he could endure while rolling around in the dirt at Camp 4. If I didn't already understand the meaning of Dirtbag before that trip, I certainly understood it afterwards - said with the greatest respect.

Ian and Kristina's wedding took place in the hills just south of Golden on a hot and sunny day. Coming from the Bow Valley, this felt like the first real day of summer. Most of the usual suspects were in attendance and it was a pleasure to see almost everyone.

Kruk, Pablo, The Simulator

Please, no photos. Kruk and Pablo riding in The Golden Child.

Wexler, Lisa, Kruk, Pablo, Ian, Brooke, Simms, Thoren and Kitt.

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