July 27, 2010

Climbing Mt Fay Moraine Lake

On the glacier below Mt Fay. The Centre Ice Bulge is directly above the front climbers head.

I never really noticed this before, but Mt Fay is one of the coolest looking ski peaks around. Unfortunately, we didn't take the skis along when we went for an exam training lap a few days back. But looking up a the Centre Ice Bulge Direct and the Berle / Kallen, I'm already looking forward to next Spring.

Left Canmore at 1:45 am with Ben F after already being sleep deprived from the previous few days. Met Tommy G at Moraine Lake at 3 and started the long, slow crawl up the peak. We took the Perren Route to the glacier and cruised up the West Ridge to the summit. Instead of returning back to Moraine Lake via the Perren Route, we opted for the scenic Schiesser Ledges. Holy hell, what a grind.

Below Mt. Fay.

Looking down at a party returning to the Neil Colgan Hut.

Ben F descending the West Ridge.

The Schiesser Ledges still felt enjoyable at this point. Mt. Temple and Moraine Lake in the background.

Mt. Fay and Moraine Lake.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for another fantastic entry in your blog. It is really the only blog of its kind. An incredible insight into the guiding life, with great detail and humour. Can't wait until you write a book. Keep it up!
Craig Segal, Montreal