August 12, 2010

Climbing on Mt Temple East Ridge, Buller and Generosity

An atmospheric day on Mt. Buller in K Country.

In preparation for the ACMG Alpine Exam, I've been spending a lot of time scrambling around in the Canadian Rockies this summer. After being something of a granite snob for many years, I think I'm finally coming around to appreciate the joys of loose limestone.

Here are some shots from a few days of scrambling on the East Ridge of Mt. Temple, Mt. Buller, and EEOR's Generosity.

Cool light on the approach to Mt. Temple.

Nothing quite like wet quartzite...

Climbing below the Big Step on Temple.

Looking over at Mt. Fay, the 3/4 Couloir and some of Quadra.

Jesse D on a steep, awkward step low down on the ridge.

Somewhere along the lower East Ridge.

Getting higher and wetter.

Cool effects on the way down. We ended up bailing from a few hundred meters above the Big Step because of driving snow, rain and thunderheads. Anyone who knows the route will probably shudder at the thought of rapping and down climbing from this point (5 people in guide mode). But we found a cool bypass to the lower ridge that enabled us to rap and walk in to a big east facing bowl.

Jebby and Jesse D waiting out the weather.

Rough weather. Good light.

After Mt. Temple, we cruised up to Mt. Buller in K-Country for a day of ridge scrambling. The entire valley was blanketed in a cold, wet fog.

Mt. Nestor

Heading up the ridge on Buller.

I almost fell off the ridge numerous times while trying to climb and take photos.

Not a bad view of Spray Lakes once the clouds broke.

Looking down at Jebby and the Bow Valley from Pitch 6 of Generosity. This is a really good 13 pitch, 5.9 on the East End of Rundle.

It's sometimes easy to forget that the Bow Valley is actually part of Alberta.

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