August 25, 2010

Climbing Mount Sir Donald, Eisenhower Tower and a Wintery Day on Mt Victoria

Tim and Tom descending the Illecillewaet Glacier to Perley Rock, Rogers Pass.
Well the prep work is done and the only thing left to do is wait for the weather to turn absolute crap for the start of the ACMG Alpine Exam. The forecast is not overly nice for the next week and it should add that little bit of hate to what is already a challenging affair.
Spent the last few days climbing a classic troika in The Selkirks and The Rockies. Climbed the 50 Classics - Northwest Ridge of Sir Donald - which was super fun. Instead of descending the route, we traversed over to the ridge on Terminal Peak and dropped down to Perley Rocks. This was a straightforward descent and is probably significantly faster than other options. The last part of the traverse was a bit loose and exposed and would be a bad place to slip. A few days later, I met up with newly weds Ian and Christina for a hot lap on Eisenhower Tower. The exam foreshadowing was quite excellent on this day as it snowed and rained on us for most of the climb. Conditions were no different the following morning when Josh, Carlyle and myself tangoed with Winter on Mt. Victoria. Prepping for this exam has been a surprisingly fun process. Since I'd barely climbed any of the Rockies Classics, everything was a first. This kept things fresh and made the back-to-back 3 am starts much less painful. But don't get me wrong, it wasn't so much fun that I hope to repeat the process next year.

Timmy and Tommy hiking up to Mt. Sir Donald under a smokey morning sky.

Climbing low down on the Northwest Ridge of Sir Donald. The striking ridge in the background is Uto Peak.

Timmy climbing Mt. Sir Donald.

Tommy strolling the ridge. It's really just an exposed sidewalk.

Getting higher.

Nearing the top.

Tommy on the summit of Sir D.

We found this gear on the descent. If this yellow Camalot happens to be yours, thank you for the gift.

The Newlyweds.

Ian, Christina and Eisenhower Tower.

Christina climbing with the Dragonsback in the background.

The apple and the orange about to get slammed!


Christina was so relieved to make it to the summit alive that she forgot which one of us was her husband.

Josh and Carlyle o the Fuhrmann Ledges approach to Mt. Victoria.

Climbing the upper part of the Death Trap with Mt. Victoria in the shadow of Mt. Victoria.

Nearing Abbot Pass.

Union Break at the Abbot Pass Refugio.

Hiking down to Lake Ohara.

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