August 19, 2010

Climbing Rogers Pass, Mt Aberdeen and Athabasca Silverhorn

A smokey and beautiful morning on Mt. Athabasca's Silverhorn Route. Strong winds carried a mix of Forest Fire and Marijuana Smoke from British Columbia.

Got out for good mix of work and alpine scrambling over the past week. Ross B - fresh off a Euro hot lap -and I spent a couple of days between Rogers Pass and The Lake Louise Area. This was my first time climbing at The Pass, and the Quartzite was a nice change from the steady diet of Limestone. Plus, I got to learn a few secrets about life in the Chamonix Valley. For example, did you know that the Chamonix Valley is actually home to over one million smoking hot Swedish Girls? Now I know you're thinking No Way! There can't possibly be more than half a million in such a tight valley. But apparently this is truth and I would have a hard time believing the fact if it didn't come from the venerable Ross B.

Midnight at Rogers Pass

South Side of The Pass

The most stylish man in the game. Rossta taking over his section of the Rogers - Swiss Traverse.

Chillin in the Swiss Peaks with the summit of Rogers in the background.

Here's a useful piece of advice for the Rogers - Swiss Peaks Traverse: if you have a choice between the north or south side of the ridge, take the latter.

Above the bergschrund on Mt. Aberdeen.

Rapping the bergschrund.

The ice tongue on Mt. Aberdeen.

Daniele came all the way from Italy to climb the Silverhorn on Mt. Athabasca. This was a guided ascent for Canadian Rockies Alpine Guides.

Nearing the top of the Silverhorn. Conditions on the glacier could not be much better.

Looking down at the North Glacier.

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