September 29, 2010

Climbing Kahl Wall Yamnuska

Cool light on a cool cliff. Early morning on Yamnuska.

There are very few benefits to waking up early to go climbing in the rain. But witnessing yesterdays rainbow attack on the Bow Valley was worth the effort. Audrey H and I were hoping to climb The Fold on Mt. Kidd, but given the forecast, we opted for Kahl Wall (and the straightforward descent) on Yamnuska.

What was it that Huxley wrote about the effects of color and light on consciousness?

Audrey H strolling the Yamnuska approach.

Before the deluge.

Beginning of the deluge. Traversing from Kahl Wall to the rappels on Bringers of the Dawn.

Into the deluge.

Gorillas in the mist.

Rainbow Country.

September 25, 2010

Climbing A2 and Eisenhower Tower

Storm Mountain from Eisenhower Tower.

Spent the past two days between knee deep snow on the Icefields Parkway and warm stone on Castle Mountain. The Rockies have been getting DUMPED on this month and it feels like mid winter in the high mountains. Had the pleasure of climbing both days with Sheri B from Norway. We wanted to do a North Face Route on Athabasca but after swimming across the Boundary Glacier, we opted for something a little less conditions dependant.

The turtle that lives on the summit of A2

Descending from A2's mighty summit.

We forgot our skis :(

The following day on Eisenhower with a white Temple Mountain in the background.

Like a boss.

Cool colors in the Rockies.

Sheri about to Karate chop the limestone.

September 09, 2010

ACMG Alpine Exam 2010

Early morning on Main St, Canmore.

Well the ACMG Alpine Exam has been over for about three days and I am finally starting to feel human again. This is no doubt thanks to an exorbitant amount of sleep and alcohol. How did it go? I guess all I can say is that some days were good and some days were less good. Should be some time before we get the E-Bomb stating whether we are pathetic failures or pathetic passers. In the mean time, I aim to spend as little time in Soberville as possible.

This Exam was notable for many reasons. For me, it marked the first time in years that I went in to the hills without a camera. Luckily, Tim McAllister - a photographer and climber with a much greater skill set than myself - was up for the challenge of shooting under adverse conditions.

Not to be outdone, Josh Lavigne put the following video together from the 2010 ACMG Alpine Exam. Am I alone in thinking that his choice for the soundtrack came entirely from a Thursday night session at the OP in Squamish?

Josh Lavigne Video.

Day 1. Freezing my hands during a 14 hour day on Mt. Fay. Tim McAllister Photo.

Hey, is that a Clove or a Muenter? Day 2. Me and Tommy G heading up the Victoria Glacier. Timmy McAllister Photo.

Skills. Timmy McAllister Photo.

The nice weather in this photo should be a dead give away that it was not taken during the exam. Me and Tommy G on a Sir Donald training lap.

Early morning on the Trans Canada.