September 09, 2010

ACMG Alpine Exam 2010

Early morning on Main St, Canmore.

Well the ACMG Alpine Exam has been over for about three days and I am finally starting to feel human again. This is no doubt thanks to an exorbitant amount of sleep and alcohol. How did it go? I guess all I can say is that some days were good and some days were less good. Should be some time before we get the E-Bomb stating whether we are pathetic failures or pathetic passers. In the mean time, I aim to spend as little time in Soberville as possible.

This Exam was notable for many reasons. For me, it marked the first time in years that I went in to the hills without a camera. Luckily, Tim McAllister - a photographer and climber with a much greater skill set than myself - was up for the challenge of shooting under adverse conditions.

Not to be outdone, Josh Lavigne put the following video together from the 2010 ACMG Alpine Exam. Am I alone in thinking that his choice for the soundtrack came entirely from a Thursday night session at the OP in Squamish?

Josh Lavigne Video.

Day 1. Freezing my hands during a 14 hour day on Mt. Fay. Tim McAllister Photo.

Hey, is that a Clove or a Muenter? Day 2. Me and Tommy G heading up the Victoria Glacier. Timmy McAllister Photo.

Skills. Timmy McAllister Photo.

The nice weather in this photo should be a dead give away that it was not taken during the exam. Me and Tommy G on a Sir Donald training lap.

Early morning on the Trans Canada.

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MJT said...

Well, I'll assume you are a "less pathetic passer". Thought of you today (climbing with Nick at Lake Louise). Great video!

Martin T.