September 29, 2010

Climbing Kahl Wall Yamnuska

Cool light on a cool cliff. Early morning on Yamnuska.

There are very few benefits to waking up early to go climbing in the rain. But witnessing yesterdays rainbow attack on the Bow Valley was worth the effort. Audrey H and I were hoping to climb The Fold on Mt. Kidd, but given the forecast, we opted for Kahl Wall (and the straightforward descent) on Yamnuska.

What was it that Huxley wrote about the effects of color and light on consciousness?

Audrey H strolling the Yamnuska approach.

Before the deluge.

Beginning of the deluge. Traversing from Kahl Wall to the rappels on Bringers of the Dawn.

Into the deluge.

Gorillas in the mist.

Rainbow Country.

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