October 12, 2010

Glacier Travel and Guiding on the Wapta Icefield

Last days of summer guiding for 2010.
Wrapped up the summer / fall guiding season on the Wapta Icefields over the weekend. Alot of people give the place grief for being long and flat, and I've even heard some naysayers refer to it as drudgeneering. Bah! The Wapta may not be the most aggressive terrain on the planet, but it does posses a charm that is not hard to see when looking with fresh eyes.

Hiking up to the Bow Hut on Day 1.

Cruising up the lower glacier above the Bow Hut. In the shadow of St Nik. Perfect travel conditions. Looking over at Mt. Gordon from the summit of Mt. Olive.

The undisputed Spirit Bird

Going home after a long day on the ice.
Cool patterns on the ice.

Under the ice.

Crevasse rescue class.

The scoop below Mt. Thompson.

Descending off mighty Mt. Gordon.

Timmy Mac does Blue Steel

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