November 16, 2010

Salalah And The Arabian Sea

The Salalah coastline, Oman.

After three straight weeks of work, we finally got a day off thanks to the local holiday Eid. At 6:30 am, we rolled on to the company bus and drove two hours southeast to the port city of Salalah. We had grand aspirations of spending the day roaming around town checking out the local souq, but after a) realizing that everything was closed and b) seeing the beach, we changed our minds.

Anyway, back to the reality of stomping geophones for the next three weeks.

We did manage a quick stop at this archaeological grave site. The 30 meter long cylinder in the background is believed to be the burial site of Jesus's Grand Dad. It's amazing, people really were taller back then.

After checking out the tomb, we got down to serious business at the Crown Plaza Hotel.

Welsted rented this board and caught a few waves in the Arabian Sea.

Hey man, easy on the photos, we gotta keep this break a secret.

A stop on the way home.

Finally, a picture without Welsted.

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