January 01, 2011

Flying in the Bugaboos

In the cockpit.

Just got out of the Bugaboos after a 3+ week tour. The snow was awesome and the bluebird weather let us play in many of the tenure's far flung gems like Rory and East Creek. Flying and skiing amongst the spires is special experience that I feel lucky to take part in. At this point, I'd have to say that riding shotgun in the 212 is almost as good as the skiing.

Prepping the machine for an early morning flight to Spillimacheen.

Early morning at the heli pad.

Waiting for light.

Flying out of East Creek in the shadow of the Howsers.

Lawn darting from the BWR landing in East Creek. The Howser Towers are in the background.

AHL above the McCarthy Glacier.

A Craig McGee special from flying in the Adamants.

We even did some skiing.

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