January 16, 2011

One Week At The Bobbie Burns

Looking towards the Bugaboos from the Bobbie Burns Lodge. This photo was taken on the morning when Thierry Cardon, a veteran CMH guide of 30+ years, passed away after a short battle with cancer. I never had the fortune of meeting the man. To read a little more about Thierry, check out Gery's post here.

Well the biggest winter storm in recent memory just dumped over a meter of snow in many parts of the Columbia and Rocky Mountains and it looks like there is more on the way. I had the good fortune of being at CMH Bobbie Burns during this time and was hoping that they'd let me stay for another week of work. But my time was up and it looks like I'll have to put on some skins and discover just how out of shape I've become. I had serious plans to go for a hot-lap up Sunshine this morning, but after sleeping in till 10 and drinking coffee till 2, I'm thinking that it might not happen. Oh well, there is probably tomorrow.

It was good to get back to the Burns after working there last season. The terrain is inspiring and the long fall-line skiing in the Selkirks is tough to beat. Since there were only nine guests booked at the lodge, we skied in two small groups most mornings which often turned in to one group in the afternoons. Instead of using the big 212 helicopter which can carry 12 guests plus guide and pilot, we had small and powerful 407 at out disposal. For a newer heli-guide like myself, it was pretty cool to get cold faceshots on every turn and then have a 407 waiting to take us back up.

Snowball on wheels. You know it's been a good week when you get back to the heli-pad and your car looks like this.

Before the storm. Gery on Sunny One.

Relults from a heli-boming raid in the Purcells. The skier is standing below the lower sympathetic release. The initial slide is above and to the lookers left. This ran on bare glacier ice with the crown reaching over 2 meters in places. Funny how it looks like a heart.

A close up of the last shot.

The debris ran a little ways. Can you spot the skier about half-way across?

Gery checking out Little Sister. One of my favorite runs at the Bobbie Burns.

Skiing past old ghost trees on Sunny One.

More of the same in the Purcells.

Lindsay A on the flight out to Parson.

Nothing like skiing the old burns.

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