February 05, 2011

More Skiing in the Selkirks and Purcells

The Alpha Lima Hotel switchboard.

There are two sentences I've been hearing a lot of lately: "I can't believe it's February," and "Nice goggle tan." This sums the season up pretty well so far. Despite the lingering (and extremely hard to trigger) instabilities in the basal snowpack, the skiing has been awesome. I just got back to Canmore after a week of guiding at CMH Revelstoke followed by a week in the Bugs. It was a pleasure to be at both locations and I'm already looking forward to heading back in on Saturday.

In the meantime, looking forward to some Rockies ski touring and Haffner mixed climbing.

A short heli-ski clip from the multi-talented Josh Lavigne.

Skiing off Tickler South in the Bugaboos.

Swiss Tamara ripping it up on Larch in the Bugaboos.

Pete Mac skiing some windpressed schnee on Top of the World.

Flying home over Bugaboo Pass.

Hanging out in Rory Creek.

Managed a couple of days of touring at Rogers Pass on the way to Revelstoke. This is Sir Donald as seen from Mcgill Shoulder.

Danny boy going up.

Danny boy going down.

And a random sampler from cool early morning light on Mt Rundle.

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