February 12, 2011

Skiing at Fortress Mountain

No shortage of snow during this University of Calgary Intro to Backcountry Skiing Course.

After a last minute schedule change, I found myself teaching an Intro Backcountry Ski Course in K-Country today. The venue was the defunct Fortress ski resort that is rumored to be re-opening in 2013. As has been the case for much of this blessed winter, it was snowing heavily throughout the day, and I think that most of the participants were left wondering why they didn't get in to this a long time ago.

The elation lasted until lap #2

A black and white sort of day.

Ahhhh, out of the wind

Taking a break before starting down.

In backcountry skiing, it is always important to have an excuse when you fall. I typically default to my skis not being wide enough. In this case, flat light was to blame.


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