February 08, 2011

Skiing Mt Hector

Bender Dundat nearing the top of Mt. Hector.

Finally got out for a beautiful day of ski touring in the Rockies today with a group of climbers turned skiers. Myself, Josh B, Bender and Mad Johnny piled in to Ben's truck this morning like a troupe of circus clowns, and drove up to Mt. Hector under cold and clear skies. We began the 1600 meter climb in -24 degrees and spent most of the day wrapped in full regalia.

It's funny how the definition of good skiing changes if you don't have a helicopter flying you around. The upper part of the mountain today was so wind hammered that ski crampons would have been useful. But we scraped our way up and down, managed a few fluffy turns on the lower slopes, and deemed it an awesome day.

Looking up at Mt. Hector from the lower glacier.

Low down on the glacier.

Bender, Johnny and the struggle.

Nearing the top.

Captain Briggs

The Rockies are tough to beat for vistas unless Josh is blocking the view.

Starting the descent.

Better snow low down on the hill.

Ben and Johnny taking the pits seriously.

The rare and coveted fluffy turn.

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