February 28, 2011

Time Off

A snowy day in Canmore when even the prayer flags are black and white.

Woke up to snow and high winds in Canmore this morning. Perfect weather for a rest day. After almost four months of non-stop work, I'm looking forward to some personal time. During the middle of the winter season, I find it tough to do much other than eat, sleep, drink and work. I can barely find the time to read, plan a spring trip, write, obsess over climbs, see friends, check out new music or even ask myself how it's all going. Months will pass and I'll find myself wondering what happened to the time. Was it a dream? Did it really happen? Does it make any difference?

Hiking in to the Bear Spirit mixed crag yesterday for a day of climbing with the University Of Calgary.

A cool shot from the Bugaboos last week.

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