March 11, 2011

Powder Corrupts

1100 meters of this. Gery Unterasinger photo.

Got out for a soulful hit on 93 South yesterday with bossman Gery U. Timmy M also joined us for part of the session until getting waylaid by some gimcrack boots. Grey skies and wet snow stayed with us for most of the day and made for an atmospheric outing. Eleven-hundred meters of fall line fluff didn't make it easy to take today off, but with 2 weeks of of heli starting tomorrow, maybe a little rest isn't so bad.

Gery in the trees.

Andrew in the trees. Gery U Photo.

Listen up, if you even think of poaching my line I will take this here finger and...

Mine... all mine.

Adios sucker.

The End. Gery U Photo.

1 comment:

Tim McAllister said...

Showey and useless- gimcrack boots indeed.
Gud one Wex