March 31, 2011

Ski Mountaineering in the Bugaboos

The Howsers

Just returned from the Bugaboos after spending four days camped at Applebee. The Spires are a wild place in winter and reminded me of good times down south in Patagonia. Josh Briggs - aka Count Briggula - joined the party after I convinced him that the weather and stability would be perfect. Of course I was wrong. Unfortunately for Josh, by the time he discovered that the weather might not hold, it was too late. Big thanks to CMH Bugaboos for helping us out!

Josh climbing Crescent Tower on the first afternoon.

Check out the perfect form.

Skiing down in the shadow of Bugaboo Spire.

Long shadows beneath Snowpatch Spire.

Returning to camp on Day 1. Eastpost Spire in the background.

Digging around at the top of the Anniversary Chute on Day 2.

Hey is that all fresh debris at the bottom? It took us a while to notice that the slough from the ski cuts entrained an unsettling amount of snow.

Camp below Snowpatch Spire.

Weather about to change.

Getting pummelled on the Upper Bugaboo Glacier on Day 3.

The morning of Day 4 required lots of coffee.

Skiing down below the Kain Hut.

The awesome hour and fifteen minute ride out.

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Jay Hack said...

Wexxx!!! The picture of the Howsers and the Minaret covered in snow is so sick! so sick. Nice shot, I hope you are doing great!