April 16, 2011

2011 ACMG Ski Exam

Ross B on the Crescent Traverse.

After seven days of ski touring in the Rockies and the Bugaboos, The 2011 ACMG Ski Exam is over. The time went so fast that if I didn't have a sore back, a depleted bank account and a handful of photos, I might think it was all a dream.

It's hard to imagine a more perfect ski mountaineering venue than the Bugs. Other than a slow nightlife, the area pretty much has it all: steep descents, exposed ridges, big glaciers, granite towers and dry, dry snow.

As fun as it was, I'm not hoping to repeat the process again next year.

Camped at Applebee in the cold shadow of Snowpatch Spire. The big, orange Space Station gave the place a distinct lunar feel.

I didn't know where I was when this picture was taken and I'm still unsure. I think it's the Rockies but it might be the Bugaboos.

Olivia S guiding Ross B across the Crescent Traverse. This is not a staged photo. Ross actually paid Olivia a great sum to to guide him safely across the exposed ridge.

Ross loves being roped up and dragged around by strong women.

Olivia hard at work under the soulful eyes of Bugaboo, Snowpatch and Pigeon.

GG following Ross to the Bugaboo - Snowpatch Col.

The first leg of the Applebee - Cobalt Lake - Northpost Couloir - Vowell Glacier - Applebee circuit. Brenta Spire looms above.

The sweet sweet Howsers.

Evening light in the Purcells.

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D Healey said...

mmmm.... so tasty! nice to see Berg knows where he really stands in this world. and from experience i know that rope can be comforting. missed you guys...