April 05, 2011

Skiing Storm Mountain, Cathedral and Cirque Peak

Ross, James, Me and Josh in the couloir on Cathedral Peak. Nik Rapaich Photo.
Yesterday was my last day of prep before the 2011 ACMG Ski Exam. Ross, James, Nik, Josh and I got out to the super classic Cathedral Peak despite some heavy snow, clag and waining motivation. A quick coffee stop in Lake Louise helped put us back on track and get us to the trailhead.
The day was a typical spring outing with squalls pummeling us every thirty minutes. We didn't make the top but still managed to get sufficiently spooked on some of the bigger slopes. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the day was that we avoided mutiny. Over the past few weeks, every training mission has consistently seen the group mutate into numerous rogue factions - each with a unique and superior idea about route selection, technique, goals, photo ops, etc. I can recall numerous outings where I did not see certain group members for hours at a time, and when we would re-unite, it usually wasn't long before we were swearing at each other on a cold and windy ridge. People say that photos are worth a thousand words but I'm not so sure.
The Berglar looking down the couloir off the summit of Cirque Peak. We had a healthy disagreement moments before.
This photo makes it look like an epic day. In reality, there were only four good turns.
This photo is quite representative.
Lots of walking. At least the views were okay.
The Trailbreaker.
The following day on Storm Mountain. Gery U making it look like the route really does go under the cool mushrooms.
What this photo should tell you is that I was hurting on the way up.
Ross and Gery on the summit of Storm.
Big terrain (for the Rockies).
Sometimes it pays to be short and using teles. The lower slopes on Storm. Gery Unterasinger Photo.
Heading up Cathedral Peak.
Nik and Ross getting to the base of the couloir.
James and Ross punching in the up-track.
Spindrift off the sidewalls.
Nik loves it.
A seemingly happy crew after the couloir.
The TSN Turning Point came just a little higher.

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