June 06, 2011

Adieu Canmore

North Atlantic Sunrise.

It’s been a slow few weeks since the last time I did anything other than drink coffee, peruse the internet and watch movies. Wow, maybe Joffre really did take it out of me? Or maybe it was the inclement weather mixed with this energy-sapping chest cold I’ve acquired? Orrrrr, maybe I really am a lazy bastard looking for another excuse for why I didn’t do this or why I didn’t do that. Hard sayin. Either way, it’s been a mellow few weeks.

But maybe things are changing. I'm sitting in Schiphol Airport (props if you know the city), amidst a bunch of trees and shrubbery and the sounds of ducks, frogs, birds and a babbling brook. It's the middle of the night Calgary time but here in Amsterdam it's almost 11 am. In another few hours, I'll head to Geneva and then Chamonix where I’ll spend the next few months guiding. I’ve never been and I’m looking forward to joining the other IFMGA Monkeys


If I had known that all guides get complimentary business class flights to Europe, I would have gone long ago.

Evening redness.

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