September 05, 2011

Climbing Homage to the Spider Mt. Louis

Rachel L on the last climbing pitch of Homage to the Spider on Mt. Louis.
The day after climbing The Greenwood Jones on Mt. Temple, Rachel L and I braved the long walk to Mt. Louis in search of the classic Tim Auger Route - Homage to the Spider. Funny how it goes. Earlier in the week, I struggled to find partners. But then, like a rogue wave overtaking a small craft, I was flooded with climbing plans. Blame the tides I guess.
We left the car at a civilized hour and made the march to the base. The scramble to the route was a little involved, and we showed up later than expected. What else is new. At that point, I was feeling the pressure of an already tired man with a few big days of guiding coming up, and so Rachel and I said that we'd just climb a few pitches and bail. But of course, the climbing was great and we went to the chains. We even stumbled across two spiders on the climb and wondered if the name wasn't something of a play?
Of note, on the 3rd pitch we continued up the main corner / chimney system and it worked fine. The info we found on summitpost talked about climbing the main face on the left of the corner. It just seemed natural to stay with the crack. All belays had atleast 1 bolt.
Low on the route.
Pitch 4
Pitch 5
Pitch 6
The medieval alleyway after the technical climbing
Scrambling to the top

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