November 27, 2011

Colombia Paragliding

The launch site above Bucaramanga, Colombia.

After years of threatening to visit Colombia, I finally made it. I flew from Quito yesterday, and spent the night in Bucaramanga. Buca is a mellow university town that reminds me of Mendoza, Argentina.  Needless to say, the nightlife goes off.

Colombia is well known for many things but most people don't associate it with world class paragliding. I didn't know anything about it either until I started looking around. But after spending the afternoon at one of Bucaramanga's launch sites, even a neophyte like me could tell that it is a special place.

For the next 12 days, I'll be taking a paragliding intro course here in Buca. There'll be a few days of ground-school before taking to the air around mid-week. If all goes to plan, I will never walk down another mountain again.

The flight from Bogota to Buca.

Like British Columbia but with an O instead of a U.

The local swill

The fly-site casa.

The launch site above Buca.


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when I tried flying in Bucaramanga and the Ruitoque hill it was such a great experience! 20 minutes of flying for like $20 was such a great deal! Hope you great time taking your paragliding classes.